A Moving Checklist for Cross Country Moves

Our self storage facilities are ready for moving season, are you? Our moving and storage tips are getting you prepared for cross country moves, new neighborhoods, and easy storage. A cross country move can be stressful but we are here to make yours go smooth. Moving to the Hernando FL area or Hobbs NM, Hernando Storage and Zia Stor-All can help you store your extra belongings.

Our moving checklist will help you prepare and help you settle in; everything from updating your address to reloading your pantry. We want to get you ready to make moves this summer.

Moving and Storage Tips


Some of these address updates can be handled before you move or online. Your real-estate agent will let you know when it is time to transfer utilities and which ones are accept for the area. Moving with kids? Look for a new school district and let the previous one know to transfer the records.

  1. Change your address with the post office. You will have one month to get the rest of your mail going to the right address. It may be better to cancel subscriptions and start new.
  2. Stop by the DMV to update your registration and plates for your car. This has to be before 30 days.
  3. Businesses to notify:
    1. Credit card companies
    2. Insurance Agent
    3. Update Utilities
  4. Update online accounts, like Amazon.

A Week After

Now that you are settled in and a few boxes are starting to get unpacked, you may need to make a run to the store. Grab spices, food, and cleaning supplies that got used up in the move. This list will help you get your cabinets full again.

Hernando Storage and Zia Stor-All both offer RV storage and vehicle parking. Move your biggest items first to a storage location you trust! Our team is ready to walk you through a successful move with moving and storage tips! Give us a call today!

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