How do you know which storage unit you need?

Looking for storage near you? When it comes to the right storage unit you want to make sure your belongings are safe and secure without over crowding. The experts at Hernando Storage are here to help. Start with our sizing chart to see what works for you!

Storage near me


5×10: Walk-in Closet

The 5×10 size is great for keeping larger items, such as the TV or bedroom dressers. A queen sized mattress will fit perfectly inside, while leaving room for several small to medium size boxes.


10×15: Ideal for Large Items

Need a spot for the grand piano? Big items like these will fit securely inside the 10×15. There is plenty of room for most of your belongings from 3 bedrooms as well as a couch and a few large boxes.


10×25: Great for Your Boat or Car!

Now that summer is here it’s time to bring out the 4 wheelers and boats. Enjoy the summer sun knowing your biggest items are safe through all the winter weather.


Temperature Controlled: 

All of our facilities offer the convenience of temperature controlled storage units. You can be sure your precious items are not harmed from the changing weather if you take advantage of this convenient feature.


RV/ Parking:

Summer is here and that means vacation time! If you don’t know where to keep the transportation let us help. Our RV and parking spots are optimal for keeping things safe until the next adventure.


We have a variety of units to best help you stay on top of the clutter. Stop by to see your next storage space and find the expert advice you have been missing.

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