Packing Supplies

Are you worried about protecting your belongings from harm while in storage? We have a few recommendations to keep your treasures looking brand new the whole time. You can take preventative measures when storing your precious valuables with the help of our on-site managers and supplies at Hernando Storage. Use the following tips to find the right moving & packing supplies to get the job done.

packing supplies

Step 1: How much are you packing?

  • If you are moving your whole house, upgrade to the grip tape dispenser, and don’t forget to buy replacement rolls.
  • Small boxes are great for cd’s books, and small household items.
  • Have enough labels to mark every box. After a long time in storage, you may forget what items are in which boxes.


Step 2: Keep your items protected.

  • There is a cover for all your large items. It is a good idea to purchase one for each of your larger items.
  • Use bubble pouches and cardboard dividers to stop the fragile items from cracking or breaking.
  • Disk Locks are the most common lock in self storage. The stainless-steel materials and water drain holes, are just some of the features that make this lock the best.
  • Save your belongings and your wallet with the refillable damp rid container. Damp-rid will prevent built up moisture in your unit for 3 months.


Step 3: Take the guess work out of storing!

  • Most moving kits consist of 5 small boxes, 4 medium boxes, 2 large, 1 tall box, 2 rolls of clear tape, 2 rolls of bubble pack and one marker. Talk with your property manager today!
  • Once you have everything packed make sure to label each box. If you are moving to a new house label where the box goes, or if you are moving into a storage unit mark whether the box needs to be in the front of the unit.

Whether you are a small business owner who ships products out or a new homeowner in need of supplies, ABCD Econo Storage, Bell Tower, Storage Ward, and B & G Storage have what you need. Our on-site packing supplies and storage professionals will make moving a breeze.

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