Need to know tips when staging a home

Prepping for a big move this spring? When the weather gets warmer if you are planning for a move, now is the time to think staging ideas. Our self storage solutions offer the space to store your treasures while you cut down on the belongings in your house. Whether your realtor recommended it or you want to get started on packing early, move it all here so you can keep searching for the right home. If you are currently selling your property, have you considered staging as a way to speed up the process? We have all the tricks to get your listing noticed and protect your most valuable possessions.

Self Storage Solutions

What to store?

Greet your guests with a simple and open floor plan. Too many belongings can make it difficult to imagine what the space would look like with their items here. So, move any shelves that are not pertinent to the layout or furniture that is not needed. Rearranging what you already have may help you determine what to move to storage.

Indoor tips

  • Paint with gray, brown, or white shades to neutralize the room.
  • Keep the area crisp with bright accessories, such as white towels in the bathroom or yellow pillows on the couch.
  • Have as little items around the doorway to allow for a positive entry.
  • Clear out storage areas like the attic and closets so buyers can see potential storage options.
  • Replace damaged carpet and clean the rest.

Exterior ideas

Now is the time to weed the flower beds, plant fresh flowers, and set the patio up. Make sure everything is in showing condition, if it is not, replace chair pads and pillows. Also, trim back any bushes or trees close to the house.

Getting your listing noticed is possible with these tips. Our self storage solutions are waiting to help you store while selling and moving.

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