Organizing before you arrive at the storage unit

What are your spring plans this year? Moving? Home Improvement? Spring Cleaning? If you need to move a few pieces or everything out of the house, our self storage solutions will be useful. Start with storage packing tips to assemble everything before moving day. Let us help you figure out how to store every belonging, family heirlooms, or even yard tools.

Welcome spring! As we start to see flowers blooming and the sunny days coming, the urge to get outside is strong. Before you start this year’s yard work, coordinate the house by clearing it out.

storage packing tips

  • Marking your boxes will not only help you find your supplies but also help your movers know where things go.
  • Before you start assembling boxes, straighten the house for efficient packing.
  • Invest in rolls of bubble wrap so your antiques have extra support on the road to storage. Fill this box to the top with packing peanuts or blanket.
  • Once the fragile box is full put a layer of newsprint on top so there is no chance the pieces can shift.
  • Take apart bookshelves and tables if applicable. Either tape the hardware to the pieces or put them in a box you will remember.
  • Supplies like boxes, tape, and locks are good to have on hand. If you need to replenish your stock our office offers many options.
  • Some extra tools to add would be dust covers, heavy plastic tarps for the floor, and rope for a safe drive to the facility.
  • Imagine picking up a huge box full of books, it may be more of pain then a space saver. Use small containers for heavy goods.
  • If you have a few things that are far to heavy for you or your friends to lift, call on the professionals. They have the right equipment to help them.

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