Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter

Just as you are getting your house and family bundled up for winter, you also need to think about how you’re preparing your vehicle for winter. Follow some simple steps below to make your vehicle suitable for winter storage and keep your peace of mind all season long.

  • Intricately cleaning the exterior and interior of your vehicle will keep the paint and upholstery fresh during the long term storing.
  • It is beneficial to use a breathable all weather car cover if storing indoors is not an option. This stops some of the detrimental weather from effecting the exterior of your vehicle.
  • Leaving used oil in the car while storing long term can cause mechanical problems such as oxidation and clogged lines. This will make restarting your vehicle much harder.
  • Make a detailed list of upkeep that was done to equip your vehicle for the season. Make a special not of areas of damage done during the past driving season.
  • Protect yourself against burglary and vandalism by renewing insurance and maintaining insurance all winter long.
  • Using a fuel stabilizer in your gas tank will stop condensation from accumulating during the fluctuating winter weather.
  • Remove your windshield wipers before storing your vehicle. Leaving your wipers in contact with the windshield can cause them to adhere to the windshield.
  • Stop unwanted pets like mice and rats from causing damages internally by masking off areas that are open, such as tail pipes.
  • Flat spots are prone to tires on vehicles that have not moved for an extended time. Prop the vehicle slightly off the ground to keep extra strain off the tires.

We are always available to help you know what to do when preparing your vehicle for winter. Stop in the office to look at winter storage options and speak with an experienced storage expert today.

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