Remove Excess Items by Selling Online

What do you do when you have excess items? Maybe your clothing needs a few edits or your shed is filling up with items you no longer use, our storage space can help. Not only can we help you with space for your items, but we have tips so you can start selling items online.

Hernando Storage offers self storage in Hernando FL. Our storage facility is located on the cost of Florida and provides our customers with RV storage, parking spaces, and drive up storage units. Our storage amenities keep your belongings safe so you can keep your home and business organized.

Zia Stor-All is another self storage location that we offer. This Hobbs NM storage facility has secure RV storage, along with convenient options for storing your personal gear. Depending on the season, your belongings may change and Zia Stor-All is here to help.

Selling Items Online

Selling Items Online: 5 Tips To Help

  1. When it comes to taking photos, use a plain background so your product has all the spotlight.
  2. Different selling websites highlight different categories. If you are unsure which to post on, share on several.
  3. Not sure where to set the price? Start out high and work your way down. Your product may be in high demand so your starting price may be the right asking price.
  4. Name brand shoes and purses have tags on the inside and should be photographed and posted along with the item.
  5. Be professional, even if selling a few personal items. Reviews from your buyers can help you make a positive online reputation.

Which Selling Sites To Use

Facebook Marketplace is handy for homeowners or apartment renters looking to add a few furnishing to their space. Etsy is ideal for businesses or crafters branching out in to a small business. Ebay is great for collectors and specific hobbies.

Find the selling website that best suits your needs and let our self storage near you, help! Hernando Storage and Zia Stor-All are two locations ready to assist with your next move to storage.

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