RV Storage Tips for Storing your RV

What do you need know when storing your RV? If you are looking for RV storage tips look no further! We have self storage parking for your RV, boat, or vehicle at our Hobbs NM and Hernando FL storage facilities. We want to help you solve your storing needs with the right self storage unit. Start with these quick tips for RV storage.

RV storage tips for your seasonal storage

RV Storage

  • Check the seals around the RV doors and windows to make sure they are still waterproof. If any are cracked or brittle, replace them.
  • If your transportation is going into long term storage, fill the tailpipe with a piece of cloth or steal wool to keep critters out.
  • Once the fridge is cleaned out of snacks from the last road trip, leave the door open and system turned off so it can become room temperature without causing an issue for mold.
  • Keep blinds closed so sunlight does not fade your interior fabrics.
  • Instead of using an emergency break, use a wheel chock to keep the RV from rolling.
  • Before putting on a heavy cover, remove the battery. A long period of sitting can drain the battery.

When it is time to store your belongings find a self storage unit near you. Zia Stor-All is our self storage location in Hobbs NM that offers drive up storage and RV storage space for you! We also offer storage in Hernando FL that will make storing your boat and RV secure no matter what the season.

Both of our self storage facilities have a storage expert waiting to help you find a storage unit that best fits your needs. Talk with us today about renting your next storage unit or outdoor parking space. Did you know you can also rent online? Choose the facility closest to you and start storing with us today!

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