Summer Storage Rental to Store Your Dorm Room

Getting ready to pack up your dorm room but need a place to keep it all? A storage rental offers the convenience and space to store anything from your posters and books to your mattress. At Hernando Storage and Zia Stor-All we make it our mission to keep our storage units clean and ready when you need them. Now that the weather is getting nicer you are dreaming about spending your days outside rather then in class. Let our tips guide you through finding the best storage space to suit you.

Finding the right unit for your dorm room supplies is best found early. Decide whether you are storing with a friend and if so, how much they plan to store. When you decide give us a call, come in to the office, or reserve your next space online anytime.

Storing appliances? Avoid a leaky mess this coming fall and defrost fridges and air conditioners prior to moving in. Do not forget to put a towel down before the melting process produces to much water.

There are more tips to follow in the video below. When you are ready let us know how we can help you store your dorm room.


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