Top 3 Tips for Storing Athletic Mementos

Do you follow a specific team or sport? Have you collected all the newspaper articles? Do you want to keep your collection looking pristine? If you are answering yes to all these questions, seasonal storage is the answer for you. You do not have to store the whole collection but give each piece you worked so hard to find, ample time in the spotlight. With a storage unit near you, you can make a display that will make your team proud. These tips will make sure everything continues to look like the day you got it.

seasonal storage

Protect paper clippings

Your team won big and you have the newspaper articles to honor this moment, but how do keep them from damages? You can secure each piece behind a picture frame or laminate the whole article. This will stop any rips and slow ageing down. Consider a plastic cover to keep the articles from rips. Another way to protect these paper items while in storage is use products such as damp rid.

Fabric storage 101

Whether it is your jersey from back in the day or your current lucky jersey, these fabric items need protection while not on display. To avoid hard to get wrinkles, simply hang the shirts on cushioned hangers. This extra padding will do less harm than a metal or plastic hanger. You can always add your own padding. The last layer of protection is putting them inside garment bags will keep dust and dirt from settling in.

Security solutions

While you are at the stadium rooting on your team, you can be assured your mementos are being looked after. With top of the line security and 24 hour video recording everything is safe from harm.

Our storage experts are here to help with seasonal storage, long term storing, and find the right packing supplies. Let us help you protect your cherished belongings.

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