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5 Reasons to Use Local Storage For Seasonal Needs

Seasonal storage, what do you move to the storage unit, what stays home? Our local storage near you can help! We have tips to guide you through moving your summer items to storage as well as back to school tips for your family. We are more than storage!

Hernando Storage has outdoor parking so storing the RV is easy and temperature controlled storage units for more sensitive items.

Did you know Zia Stor-All has brand new covered RV parking? This is a great place to store your summer transportation after summer.

Find the storage answers you need with our local storage units near you!

How To Prepare for Long Term Storage

  1. Drain the gas tank before storing the lawnmower.
  2. Stop by your storage unit throughout the season to ensure everything is in order. the recommended PSI is all tires need to be inflated, avoid overfilling.
  3. Not sure what is in your boxes? Put a label on the outside with a clear list of what is inside.
  4. Prepare the RV for storage by cleaning it inside and out. Add a few fresheners to the cabin and cabinets.
  5. When parking your RV in storage use wheel chocks instead of the parking brake. Since both of our locations have outdoor parking, find parking supplies in our office.

Tips for A New School Year

  1. Pack lunches on Sunday and plan out dinners for the week. A menu will help you through the week and stay on budget.
  2. Basic school supplies on stock will make those last-minute projects less stressful and avoid a late-night run to the store.
  3. Use a vertical shoe rack to lay out the week’s outfits.
  4. Get rid of the bulky filing system and use an accordion folder. Grab one for the first-day papers and another for the kids to use for homework and notes.
  5. Even during summer, a daily routine keeps your family on track and in the know of what is going on.

Hernando Storage and Zia Stor-All are here for more than just storing your seasonal gear, we have tips to keep you on top of your belongings at home too. Creative storage ideas for around the house from the experts that know your items matter.

Give us a call today and start storing for your upcoming plans.