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Drive-Up Storage Units

Welcome to Mission Storage and Zia Stor-All, where we offer convenience and accessibility with our convenient drive-up storage units. Whether you’re a new homeowner, a business owner managing inventory, or an individual seeking additional storage space, our drive-up units serve as a versatile storage area—fit for all your storage needs.

Designed with your convenience in mind, our drive-up storage units provide a hassle-free solution for accessing your belongings. You can position your vehicle directly at your storage unit’s door, eliminating the need to navigate through corridors or elevators. This feature proves invaluable, especially when dealing with bulky or heavy items, as it streamlines the transfer process from your vehicle to your storage unit with minimal effort. Whether you’re storing household furniture, business inventory, seasonal decorations, or recreational equipment, our drive-up units offer the perfect blend of accessibility, security, and affordability.

Table of Contents

I. Benefits of Drive-Up Storage

II. Items Best Stored in Outdoor Storage Units

Row of Drive-Up storage units with blue doors

The Advantages of Renting a Drive-Up Storage Unit

Seamless Accessibility

Drive-up units are the most easily accessible storage option, allowing renters to drive their vehicles directly to the unit’s entrance. This streamlined process is especially advantageous for bulky items, eliminating the need to navigate narrow indoor hallways.

Time Efficiency

Time is crucial when moving or accessing stored items. Drive-up units provide a direct route to your belongings, reducing time spent at the facility. This can help businesses that require prompt access to inventory or individuals that are trying to optimize their day.

Versatility in Storage

From household goods to business inventory, our drive-up units accommodate a wide range of items. Their ground-level location facilitates storing larger items with ease.

Enhanced Security

Situated within a securely fenced and gated facility, our drive-up units provide added protection for your belongings. Continuous monitoring via 24-hour surveillance cameras ensures peace of mind. You will also see our managers around the grounds, monitoring the units and checking for anything suspicious.


Drive-up storage units offer a cost-effective solution by providing a simple storage space, streamlining access, and potentially reducing the rental period. Direct vehicle access eliminates the need for additional equipment or assistance, leading to long-term savings.

Ideal Items for Drive-Up Storage

Bulky & Heavy Items:

  • Large furniture pieces such as sofas, wardrobes, and dining tables find a secure home within our drive-up storage units.
  • Minimize the risk of damage during loading and unloading with the direct transition from your vehicle to the unit.
  • Heavy items like washers, dryers, and refrigerators become effortlessly maneuverable within these spacious units.

Business Inventory & Equipment:

  • Drive-up units serve as invaluable assets for businesses storing inventory, equipment, or tools.
  • Swift loading and unloading are facilitated by direct vehicle access, saving precious time for businesses requiring quick equipment access.
  • Industries such as landscaping or construction benefit significantly from the efficiency that drive-up storage provides.

Seasonal & Recreational Items:

  • Discover the perfect solution for seasonal decorations, camping gear, and sports equipment.
  • Bulky and sporadically used items are kept both out of the way and easily accessible when needed.

Files & Archived Documents:

  • Businesses or individuals with substantial document storage needs find a secure and accessible solution with self storage.
  • Accommodate file cabinets or shelving units to maintain organization and accessibility.

Tools & Machinery:

  • Contractors and hobbyists benefit from the convenience of storing tools and machinery in our accessible units.
  • Quick access ensures equipment retrieval or storage occurs swiftly, optimizing productivity and enhancing workflow efficiency.

Find Drive-Up Storage Space with Mission Storage & Zia Stor-All

Opting for a drive-up storage unit at Mission Storage isn’t just about convenience; it’s a deliberate choice to find the best solution for your items. With locations strategically situated across Florida and New Mexico, our commitment remains steadfast—to deliver secure, accessible, and flexible storage solutions tailored to your needs.

Whether you’re looking to declutter your home, streamline your business inventory, or safeguard seasonal items, our drive-up storage units combine convenience and versatility to meet every aspect of your storage requirements. Discover even more self storage options with our temperature-controlled storage units. Choose the Mission Storage or Zia Stor-All location closest to you to see our available storage units in your area!

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