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Security Features

When renting a self storage unit, security should be your main concern. To ensure your belongings are safe, it’s essential to choose a facility equipped with updated and reliable security features. At Mission Storage, we prioritize the safety of your valuables, allowing you to store with confidence and comfort. Experience the difference of our Mission Storage locations, and discover why we are a leading choice for self storage solutions.

Table of Contents

I. Essential Security Features for Storage Facilities

II. Mission Storage’s Robust Security Measures

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Navigating Storage Security: What to Look for in a Self Storage Facility

Security should be a top priority when selecting a self storage facility. Here are a few main features you should assess at each facility you are considering:

1. Protection of Valuables

A primary function of a self storage facility is to protect your belongings. Advanced security measures, such as gated access and on-site staff, deter potential intruders, ensuring your possessions are safe from theft or vandalism.

2. Peace of Mind

Knowing your items are stored in a facility with robust security features provides peace of mind. With 24/7 surveillance, well-lit premises, and keypad access, a facility creates a secure environment, especially for long-term storage or infrequent visits.

3. Risk Mitigation

Comprehensive security systems, including digital recording and monitoring, help reduce the risk of damage or loss. These systems provide evidence to resolve any issues, ensuring accountability for both personal and business storage.

4. Insurance Requirements

Many insurance policies for stored items require specific security features. Choosing a facility with superior security measures can ensure compliance, potentially lowering insurance costs and providing better coverage.

5. Accessibility and Control

Modern storage facilities offer personalized access systems, such as individual access codes, giving you control over who accesses your unit. This is crucial for business owners or individuals storing high-value items.

6. Maintaining Facility Integrity

A well-secured facility is often well-maintained. Facilities that prioritize security are likely vigilant about cleanliness, customer service, and regular maintenance, ensuring a pleasant and hassle-free storage experience each time you visit your unit.


Have More Questions?

Our experts provide tips on choosing the right storage facility, renting, and packing your belongings. Learn more before you rent!


A Closer Look at Our Comprehensive Security Measures

Gated and Fenced Perimeter

Our facilities are fully enclosed by fencing, including indoor and outdoor units and parking spaces. Electronically operated gates control entry, allowing access only to those with the proper keypad code. Only staff, tenants, and authorized visitors can enter the storage facility grounds.



24-Hour Security Cameras

We have an extensive network of high-definition security cameras monitoring our facilities around the clock. Strategically placed cameras provide full coverage of key points, deterring theft or vandalism and ensuring constant surveillance.



Personalized Keypad Access

Each entryway at a Mission Storage location is secured with a keypad access system. Each tenant has a unique code, needed to enter the front gate and indoor storage units, ensuring tightly controlled and monitored entry.




Secure Your Belongings with Mission Storage Near You

Ready to find a secure self storage rental? Explore the options at Mission Storage. Whether it’s seasonal gear, cherished vehicles, or valuable personal items, our facility offers top-of-the-line security measures. Choose from a range of storage options, including temperature-controlled units, drive-up spaces, and specialized parking for RVs, boats, and other vehicles.

Check out our available storage spaces online to find the perfect unit size and features for your needs. Use our storage calculator and FAQ for guidance, or contact our office to discuss your storage situation with a professional. Discover why Mission Storage is the top choice for secure self storage!

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