Boat Storage Tips

Do you own a boat, and are looking into storing it for the winter? You’ll want to make sure you correctly prepare your boat for storage in colder weather so that when you use it again it is in great shape. Whether you’ll be storing it at an indoor facility or in a parking lot, you’ll want to follow some boat storage tips to make next season easier. Here’s a list to get you started:


Here are a few more boat storage tips to help you keep your vehicle in great shape!

-Wipe down boat to remove salt water

-Leave interior doors and lockers open to circulate air

-Open all drains to prevent damage from freezing                            ­

-Remove electronics, food items, and fabrics

-Change your oil filter and oil

-Boats left for extended periods should be stored with a full tank of gas and an appropriate fuel stabilizer

-Plug pipes / openings with bronze wool (prevents rodents)

-Refresh the coolant system

-Spray with fogging oil

-Loosen or remove drive belts

-Disconnect battery

-Attach a proper winter cover


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