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5 Creative Ideas to Organize Your Shed

Organize Your Shed With These 5 Creative Ways

Are you looking for ways to organize your shed for the upcoming spring season? Mission Storage has found some creative ways to organize your shed and make it a little less stressful. A storage shed can be a very useful space when used appropriately.

Shed Organization Ideas

  1. If you use garden tools and supplies frequently, a mobile cart is a great way to keep them organized and easily accessible.
  2. Shed doors can be used to hang small equipment and will help you save space inside.
  3. Use scrap pieces of pipes and cut them to the angle so that they can be easily drilled to the board. You can place all your long-handled yard tools in those pipes. Also, try to keep them as close as the door for easy accessibility.
  4. Maximize the use of wall space bu utilizing pegboards. They are a great tool for the organization. Attach a pegboard to a wall and use various hooks and hangers to place small tools.
  5. Install magnetic strips to your workbench or throughout the shed. They work just as well for metal garden gear such as pruning shears and trowels.

Storing in Hobbs NM or Hernando FL

Talk to our storage experts at any of our locations in Hobbs, NM, and Hernando, FL for useful tips on organizing your shed. We offer a variety of temperature-controlled storage units ranging from 5×5 to 10×8. So, you can easily store everything from yard tools to family photos.

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