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Three Things to Know About Storage Auctions

Have you always wanted to attend a storage auction, but not sure what you needed to bring or how to find one? Maybe you weren’t sure of how storage auctions run. We have developed the top three things you need to know before going to a storage auction!
Auctions of storage units occur after fulfilling the State lien law procedure of someone who has not made payment on their unit. Storage auctions aren’t our favorite side of the business, but they are part of it.

1. You will need to pay state sales tax on the units you win, unless you provide a state issues resale tax exempt certificate. We will need to make a copy of it.
2. You are buying EVERYTHING in the unit, must remove everything and leave it broom swept.
3. Bring lots of cash (we don’t accept credit cards for auction payments) and have a budget in mind.

Need help finding a storage auction in your area? Visit:
You can search for auctions near you, and even bid online! They will help in getting all of the info that you will need to get you there and bidding on time.