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Why Not Clean Out Your Storage Unit This Memorial Day Weekend?

We often think of storage units as the places to keep our items until we need them again. There comes a time, however, when it’s a good idea to focus our cleaning attention on the storage unit itself.

Consider this all-too-common scenario:

Your family has rented your self-storage unit since your youngest was in diapers. Now he’s just gotten his learner’s permit. Time certainly has flown!

During the past decade-and-a-half, you’ve used the storage unit for many practical purposes. Yet you’ve never stopped to explore and examine the items that have been there since your teenager was a toddler. You sometimes wonder if you need everything that’s there, or if it could be donated or sold.

If you thought “Hey, that’s my situation!” it’s time to organize your storage unit!

This Memorial Day weekend, set aside a few hours and head to your self-storage location. Spend the time making sure everything you’ve stored in the space is still relevant to your life.

For instance, you might discover a box of summer clothes that no longer fit. Such finds might not seem like treasures to you, but they’ll be welcome to another family that needs clothes for the warmer months.

Similarly, you might just have a chance encounter with memorabilia you forgot you owned. Perhaps you had a series of paintings that just didn’t seem to go with your décor ten years ago. At this point, those paintings might be ideal for your newly renovated basement rec room. The same could be said about the antique rocking chair that finally can have a place in your home.

You never know what you could stumble upon in your storage unit. Not only will it be a worthwhile experience, but it might also leave you feeling like an archaeologist who scored big-time!